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    Live camera - Frying Pan Tower

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    Lake fishing

    I have a monthly lunch with a good friend over the weekend, and he mentioned he recently took a trip to Montana. On the trip he saw a number of beautiful lakes, mountains, and it hooked. He did some fishing while there and it was the most relaxing thing he said he's done in a while. Eager to...
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    Stay safe - Hurricane Season watch 2019!

    This is the 2019 Hurricane Season watch. Stay safe those looking in the path of Hurricane Dorian!
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    Pier or Surf fishing?

    Which is your favorite to do? While I enjoy pier fishing, there is something relaxing about just sitting around in the surf. I often catch more from a pier that I can eat...but it's not always about what you's about relaxing to me. Would love to hear your preferences!
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    Home garden

    Does anyone have a home garden? I've been looking to have a small box on my deck, and set it up...however it's been less than impressed with the way it traps water creating a pit for mosquitos. I think next year I will start a raised garden in the yard.
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    ATI Gunstocks Gift Card Giveaway!

    Hey all! I'm clearing out my closet - and I have a $50 ATIGunstocks gift card that I'd like to give away. It's good at on all their merchandise. I will use to pick a post number that someone posts here. All you have to do to enter, is post in this...
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    Deer season 2019

    I'm getting excited for the upcoming deer season. I'm hoping this heat will bring some cooler temperatures for those earlier mornings.